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All regulary priced Trees and Greenery

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All regulary priced Trees and Greenery
30% off

About Us and Our Products

Our Trees Are The Best!

HOLIDAY HILLS CHRISTMAS TREES is family-owned and family-operated in the rich farming area of Oregon known as the Willamette Valley. Daryll and Elaine Smith have been growing and selling their premium Christmas trees in South Texas and the greater San Antonio area since 1988. Their sons, and now the grandkids, too, pitch in to help during summer vacations.

The soils in the Willamette Valley were deposited millennia ago when the ice dams in Montana and Idaho burst repeatedly over several thousands of years as the Ice Age receded. As these ice dams built up and crashed over and over again from the weight of the compacted snow, ice, soils, and rock behind them, the pent-up waters were forced with tremendous pressure through what is now the Columbia River Gorge between the states of Oregon and Washington. These riches over-spilled into what is now the Willamette Valley, gushing south from the Columbia River, backing up the Willamette River some 200 miles! This massive deposit of riches created one of the most fertile areas on earth, and our loamy soil is known throughout the world for its ability to produce superior crops.

These trees are hand-trimmed and individually selected from this moist, green valley, blessed with abundant rainfall and mild, sunny days to produce perfect specimens.

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Five Christmas Tree Varieties To Choose From

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Oregon’s state tree, beautifully cone-shaped and fragrant

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Nordmann Fir

Our newest variety, a native of Russia – similar in shape to a Noble, noted for its amazing keep-ability

Grand Fir Christmas Tree

Grand Fir

the most fragrant of them all

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Noble Fir

a strong tree with branches that can hold and display your heaviest heirloom ornaments among its layered boughs

Fraser Fir ChristmasTree

Fraser Fir

the longest lasting tree, excellent needle retention, dark blue-green color, pleasant scent

More About Our Trees

Your tree is cut fresh at the latest possible date, it is shipped in a refrigerated truck, and it is kept in water on our lot to assure you the freshest, healthiest tree possible. We bring you these finest quality trees with the hope that your family Christmas season will bring much joy to you all.

Sizes available: Our trees range in size from Table Tops (3 feet), all the way up to 16 feet.

Check out our KID TREES – specially-grown 1’- to 2’-tall Nobles, just for the kiddos to decorate their own way.

Not all species are available in all sizes in any given year, so if you are in the market for a tree over 12 feet tall, please give us a call as early in the summer as possible so we can find just what you’re looking for, tag it, and reserve it just for you. You may specify a wide and full tree; or a skinny, layered tree, or anything in between. Call or text us at (210) 405-5596

Other Products & Services

We have TREE STANDS to fit all sizes and weights of trees, and our knowledgeable Lot Operators and Sales Staff can help you select the stand that will most safely hold your tree. All stands hold an abundance of water.

FLOOR GUARDS fit under your stand to protect your hardwood floors or carpets, they keep moisture and spills from leaking through.

Be sure to check out our WATERING SPOUTS – the coolest tree accessory since Santa started his deliveries. Allows you to keep your stand full of water without crawling under the tree and removing packages or looking under your tree’s skirt (they’re shy that way, you know!!).

But wait, there’s more!

Live, green WREATHS and GARLANDS. Our wreaths are straight out of the Olympic rain forests in the state of Washington, they are transported refrigerated, and we keep them refrigerated in San Antonio until they are dispersed to your favorite Holiday Hills location. We only place a few at each location at a time to ensure their freshness at point of sale.

Lengths of GARLAND come in two varieties – Noble fir and Cedar fir.

ROUND WREATHS are made in three sizes – 20”, 28”, and 34” – decorated with cones and juniper berries. We also have live wreaths in the shape of CHRISTIAN CROSSES, CANDY CANES, HEART SHAPED, and SWAGS.

ONE STOP SHOPPING: To make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, we also carry the following products:

WREATH HANGERS (one size holds all)

TREE REMOVAL BAGS (to help keep your house needle-free). The trick here is open the package, place the bag under your stand, cover with your tree skirt, and when ready to take the tree down after Christmas, simply slide the bag up and around the tree, twist-tie the top, and carry the tree outside and – Voila! No needles!!!!

KEEPS-IT-GREEN – a proven, liquid preservative that is safe for both children and pets – will NOT attract ants or other bugs.

DRY PRESERVATIVE: Developed in Oregon especially for Christmas trees. Easy to use, provides a barrier against cut edge of tree trunk, so even if water gets a little low, it will provide moisture for a day or two!

NETTING is available for those who want to “minimize” their tree for transport. Unlike other vendors who furnish netting “at no extra cost” (but obviously must pass the cost on to everyone), we do charge a nominal fee – but just for those that want the netting.

POLY-TUBING – a clear, plastic wrap for your tree if protection from the weather is necessary for its trip home (poly-tubing is standard and free with all flocked trees).

FLOCKING (looks like SNOW!!) can be applied per your specifications – from a light dusting on the tips to a heavier look and anything in between, and glitter can be added for extra SPARKLE.

Interesting facts about flocking: The water-soluble solution (made from pulp of recycled paper) preserves the tree’s freshness — no need to keep the tree in water. It suppresses any aromas that might cause allergies to act up, and with gentle treatment will last as long as you want to keep your tree. It’s not unheard of that someone kept their tree until Valentine’s Day (or beyond) and re-decorated it for the next holiday! And if no rain is predicted, set it outside and take next year’s Christmas pictures now!

DELIVERY SERVICE can be arranged, and all our locations have Christmas music, clean & sanitary porta-potties for your convenience, and personalized service. Our trees are all under big circus-style tents to keep you and the trees out of the sun, wind, and rain!

Christmas Tree Stand


11 AM to 9 PM - Sunday - Friday, 9 AM to 9 PM - Saturdays

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We take cash and debit/credit cards; sorry no checks.

10% Military Discount

And to thank our friends in the armed forces for their service to our country, active military personnel receive 10 percent off their purchase.

Daily Specials!

Ask about our Daily Specials

Starter Kit

We’re featuring our popular STARTER KIT!! The “small” Starter Kit includes tree preservative, the fabulous watering spout that allows you to keep your stands filled without moving the tree skirt and presents under the tree, and a tree bag for easy removal of your tree after Christmas.

The “large” Starter Kit has all the above plus a floor protector. Saves money over buying individually.

They make great gifts to a first-time tree buyer, a delightful hostess gift, and don't forget yourself!

New Products

We also have exciting new products this year:

Large and extra large floor protectors to fit the very largest stands we carry.

Christmas Tree Preserver - dry granules that gel and hold moisture against the cut tree trunk so that, even if you forget to water for one to two days, the trunk won’t dry out. Kid and pet safe

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