Guaranteed to Last

Our Christmas trees are hand-trimmed and individually selected from Oregon’s moist, green Willamette Valley, blessed with abundant rainfall and mild, sunny days to produce perfect specimens of four select species. Your tree is cut fresh at the latest possible date, shipped in a climate-controlled truck, and kept in water on our lot to assure you the freshest, healthiest tree possible for your Christmas festivities.

To keep your tree in its best condition:

Please make sure you get your tree back into water within 30 minutes of leaving our lot. It won’t be necessary to cut more off the stump if you are within this time frame, but if more than 30 minutes has gone by, cut approximately 1-inch off the stump. This enables the tree to drink water freely. If the stump becomes dry, it will seal itself and no longer be able to drink.

Please don’t pare down the diameter of the stump to fit into a too-small stand or opening. Trees drink through their cambium layer, and if that layer is peeled off, it will interrupt the osmosis (drinking) mechanism.

Place tree into a stand that holds water, fill the water bowl, and check it often. One bottle of KEEPS-IT-GREEN can be added to the water bowl to retard evaporation through the needles, helping to keep the tree fresh, fragrant, and green longer. Trees drink the most during their first two days after being set in water, so your tree may not take in as much water after the first day or two.

To protect your floors or carpets, always place something waterproof under the water bowl to ensure against damage if there are any spills. Our FLOOR GUARDS are specially designed to guard against spills and moisture getting through to your flooring.

Heavily flocked trees do not require water.

To keep water in the tree stand, use one of our handy-dandy WATERING SPOUTs, which allows you to keep track of how much water is in the stand without having to crawl underneath the tree or remove presents or your tree skirt each time you check it.

With a WATERING SPOUT, you can cover the stand and floor guard with your favorite tree skirt, pile presents on top, and voila! No crawling around the tree to check water levels.

Care for your Christmas tree as you would a fresh plant. Place it in as cool a spot as possible, away from heating/cooling vents, fireplaces, warm lights, and sunny windows.

If you have any problems or are dissatisfied with your tree in any way, please come back and tell us, as we want each and every one of you to be happy with your tree.

And if you do end up returning your tree, please bring the tree along with the receipt, and we will work with you on a replacement.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your tree from HOLIDAY HILLS CHRISTMAS TREES.

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